FGSA News for February 15, 2017

OPEN GYMS - WEEK #7It's an abbreviated week this week because the Middle School gyms were not available due to a volleyball tournament.  So all we have for this week is Friday night...
Our official deadline has passed, however, as always it's never too late.  If you still haven't signed your daughter up, please do so soon.  We never turn anyone away no matter how late, but your prompt registration makes it a lot easier to figure out how many girls we have for each level (and therefore the number of teams we'll have and coaches we'll need), but it also allows us to order uniforms to have them in time for the Spring season.
Don't forget...Thu 2/23 is FGSA Night at Klinger's of Fleetwood!  YOU CAN COME AT ANY TIME THE ENTIRE DAY. If you bring the attached flyer, 10% of your bill goes to FGSA. Feel free to pass on to family and friends who may like to go. You don't have to be an FGSA member. You just need to print out and bring along the flyer!
Keith has set August 19th as the date for the annual golf tournament at Rich Maiden.  Mark your calendars!
A few years ago we hired Gold Glove Sports Tours to take FGSA to a Phillies game in Philadelphia.  The cost of the $79 ticket included the bus, the game and the most delicious spread ever before the game in the parking lot.  When we did it the first time, I thought I had to fill the entire bus.  I was able to sell every ticket except 2.  (I think there were 51 total seats.)  Since then I've learned that they will allow you to take HALF of the bus and they will find another group to take the other half of the bus.  Is anyone interested in spearheading this for 2017?  If so, let me know and I can provide all of the information you need to try to make it happen. 
2/23 - FGSA Night @ Klinger's in Fleetwood
3/09 - FGSA Monthly Meeting, 7pm
3/10 - Fleetwood HS/MS Parents' Meeting, 5:30pm
3/11 - Open Gym Aerobics (all ages), 9am
3/16 - Spring Scheduling Melee (Coaches Only), 6:30pm-10U/12U, 8pm-8U
4/08 - Earliest Spring teams can schedule a game
4/22 - 10UA Tournament @ Hamburg
4/24 - Fleetwood HS vs. B.C. @ Blandon Fire Company (Cancer Fundraiser), JV-5pm, Varsity-7pm
5/06 - FGSA Day / Picture Day (all Spring teams will have a home game)
5/08 - Fleetwood HS "Seniors Night" at Lyons Ballfield, JV-5pm, Varsity-7pm
5/30, 6/01 and 6/02 - 10UA and 10UB Play-Off games
6/04 - 10UA and 10UB Championship games
6/05, 6/07 and 6/09 - 12UA and 12UB Play-Off games
6/11 - 12UA and 12UB Championship games
6/11 - 14U Tournament @ Oley
6/12 - Earliest that 14U and 18U teams can play an official game
6/22 - FGSA Pool Party at the Reading Phillies, 6:45pm
7/29 - 14U and 18U Single-Elimination Play-Off/Tournament (tentative)
8/19 - FGSA Golf Tournament, 1:15pm
Ones that just went by...
Alyssa Jones, 2/9/09
Jolie Malinowski, 2/11/02
Amya Williams, 2/14/09
Ones coming up...
Alexis Templin, 2/15/05
Haylie Mauger, 2/16/06
Danielle Siteman, 2/17/01
Gabbie Williams, 2/17/06
Kiyarah Feliciano, 2/20/07
Skyla Baer, 2/20/09
Avalon Timochenko, 2/21/10
Julia Kaskey, 2/23/04

It is in the best interest of youth athletes if their parents support their athletic experiences no matter the level of competition they play in. If a youth athlete is not playing for a top-tier team, that is not a good reason to be less supportive because the ultimate goal should be for a kid to have fun in any youth sports league. Essentially, it is more important to enjoy time with your kid than critiquing everything they did wrong in a game. Parents who put too much pressure on their kids, especially during that 'car ride home,' will chase them away from sports. If a kid is afraid to get into the car ride home after a bad game, it is unlikely he will want to continue to play.
Below is the full remaining Open Gym schedule...
Week #DateTimeEvent/PracticeLocation
7Fri 2/176:30-7:30pmYMCA (8U/10U)Boro Gym
 Fri 2/177:30-8:30pm10UBoro Gym
8Tue 2/216:00-8:00pm8UMS Gym (7/8)
 Fri 2/246:30-8:30pm12U/14U/18U "Fun Night"Boro Gym
9Tue 2/286:00-7:00pmYMCA (12U/14U/18U)MS Gym (7/8)
 Tue 2/287:00-8:00pm12U/14U/18UMS Gym (7/8)
 Thu 3/26:00-7:00pm10UMS Gym (7/8)
 Thu 3/27:00-8:00pmPitching/CatchingMS Gym (7/8)
 Fri 3/36:30-7:30pm8U (Tony Sabanos)Boro Gym
10Mon 3/66:00-7:00pmYMCA (All Ages)MS Gym (7/8)
 Mon 3/67:00-8:00pmPitching/CatchingMS Gym (7/8)
11Sat 3/119:00-10:00amAerobicsMS Gym (5/6)
 Sat 3/1110:00-11:00am14U/18UMS Gym (5/6)
 Sat 3/1110:00-11:00am10U/12UMS Gym (7/8)
 Sat 3/1111:00am-NoonPitching/CatchingMS Gym (5/6)
 Sat 3/1111:00am-Noon8UMS Gym (7/8)
12Sat 3/189:00-10:00am10U/12UMS Gym (5/6)
 Sat 3/189:00-10:00am14U/18UMS Gym (7/8)
 Sat 3/1810:00-11:00am14U/18UMS Gym (5/6)
 Sat 3/1810:00-11:00am10U/12UMS Gym (7/8)
 Sat 3/1811:00am-NoonPitching/CatchingMS Gym (5/6)
 Sat 3/1811:00am-Noon8UMS Gym (7/8)
13Fri 3/246:30-8:30pm12UBoro Gym

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